About Us

HOME FLORAL: Pollen Botanical design provides complete home and office floral services. Weekly or bi-weekly visits ensure that your plants and trees receive the best in care and maintenance. Additionally, we provide cut florals for your entry, dining room, board room, home, or office parties. We work with you to provide the highest quality of flowers and botanicals, and will advise what is best for your home or office conditions to ensure long lasting growth and beauty.

FLORAL DESIGN FOR FILM , TV AND MUSIC VIDEO: Whether on set or delivered to one, Pollen can provide florals, orchids, and green-space for any set, production, or location. Pollen works closely with set designers and decorators to bring the floral vision of a production to life.

CORPORATE ACCOUNTS: Whether a large company or small, Pollen has a full corporate service at your disposal. From sprucing up the office to sending flowers and orchids to clients, employees, and even your secretary, Pollen can accommodate you at a moment’s notice. Just e-mail us an order and have it out the same day!

LANDSCAPE: Let Pollen work with you to create a one of a kind green-space. Whether it is a backyard garden, meditation space, or outdoor-living area, we can work with you to bring you a truly original design that adapts to your conditions and enhances your space.

Contact us for more information: Phone: 323.550.1555, or send us an email